Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has been used for the prevention and treatment of animal disease for thousands of years.  This medicine focuses on restoring balance in the body in order to prevent and treat disease.  Acupuncture is a technique using very small needles to stimulate points on the body.  This technique is very well tolerated by many animals (even cats!) and can help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases including arthritis, chronic renal failure, gastrointestinal disease, lameness, and behavioral problems.  Acupuncture works more slowly than conventional Western drugs and surgery and it may take 3-6 sessions to start to see results.  For this reason Dr. Aja recommends scheduling at least 3 sessions if considering acupuncture.  Chinese medicine uses herbal medicine combinations similar to prescription drugs used in conventional Western medicine.  These herbal medications don't have all of the side-effects of Western medications but they are also slower to work.  Sometimes the best treatment for an animal will be Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, sometimes it will be conventional Western medicine, and many times it will be a combination of both.  Tui-Na is massage and body work techniques based on the same principles as acupuncture stimulating certain points and causing physical changes to the body that allow it to heal. Dr. Aja approaches all cases from both a conventional Western medicine and a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine perspective to provide the most comprehensive and complete health plan for your animal.

If you produce Organic or Natural milk, eggs, or meat, acupuncture and herbal treatments are great alternatives to conventional treatments like antibiotics.  The focus is on prevention of disease and helping the immune and reproductive systems stay in balance without the need for conventional drugs.

See videos below for a demonstration of an acupuncture session and a diagnostic scan on a horse.