Hospice and palliative care works to support optimal quality of life for animals who are approaching the end of their lives. This is often due to progression of chronic issues like arthritis/pain, kidney disease, thyroid disease and cancer. A diagnosis of a terminal illness in a pet can be very difficult but there are options for treatment and pain control at home to maintain good quality of life until it is time to say goodbye. Animals that are 'slowing down' and 'getting old' often have painful conditions like arthritis and there are lots of options for pain management to improve quality of life.  Many conditions can be managed very well with good quality of life for a long time, especially when we start a comprehensive management plan early.  

Hospice and palliative care does not have a goal of curing disease; the goal is managing symptoms to make the pet as comfortable as possible until the disease reaches a point where there is no longer good quality of life.  Hospice and palliative medicine is holistic and comprehensive and typically includes a combination of Western medications, acupuncture, Tui-Na (massage), herbal medications, food therapy, supplements, therapeutic laser, and aromatherapy.

 Dr. Aja has advanced training in pain management, hospice and palliative care and helping animals and people with the end of life process. She will work with you to discuss your pet's condition and it's likely progression so we can tailor a plan to support and enhance quality of life. She will also help you make a plan for when it's time to say goodbye with an in-home euthanasia or hospice assisted natural death.