Perfect for large offices where many employees bring pets to work or for assisted living communities where residents have pets.  Save your employees or your residents the hassle of taking their animals into a vet for routine vaccinations and Wellness exams.  Dr. Aja will come to the office or the residential community for the day and take care of their veterinary needs there.  Just as with any other visit Dr. Aja will do a full physical examination from a Western and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine perspective and then come up with a vaccination or health plan tailored to the individual needs of the animal and the owner.  In addition to vaccination and Wellness exams some basic diagnostics can be done if a problem is identified on the exam and any medications needed can be prescribed and mailed to the owner.  Every examination includes a discussion of diet, exercise and behavior.  Holistic treatment options including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medications are also available.  Grooming services limited to nail trims, sanitary shaves (to keep the back end clean for long haired animals) and mat removal are also available.  Having a veterinarian on-site for the day can be a great pet-friendly employee perk or a great pet-friendly service for assisted living communities.

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