Why House and Farm Calls?

Taking an animal into see a veterinarian at a hospital or clinic can be very stressful for the animal and for the people.  Sometimes it's just impossible to get an animal into the clinic.  Even if you can get your animal into the clinic it's often hard for the doctor to know if the abnormalities they are finding are real problems, or just happening because the animal is stressed.  When animals are stressed they also hide their illnesses and pain much better so the veterinarian can't see what they were doing at home that made you worried.  Many routine examinations and procedures can be performed at the home or on the farm making the process simpler and less stressful for animals and people and improving the veterinarians ability to see the problems and make accurate diagnoses.

What to Expect During a House or Farm Call

House and farm call appointments are very similar to appointments in the clinic except it's much less stressful since your animal is in their own comfortable environment. Dr. Aja will discuss any concerns you have, do both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine examinations and evaluations and then discuss options and a health and wellness tailored to your animal. It is very helpful if your animal is ready to be seen when Dr. Aja arrives.  Having shy cats shut in a bathroom or other small area with few hiding places will help minimize stress.  It's also less stressful for horses and livestock if they are caught (and haltered for horses) prior to Dr. Aja's arrival so they are calm and relaxed.   


House and farm call appointments mean that you and your pet get the undivided attention of a veterinarian with advanced training in numerous Holistic medicine techniques and hospice/palliative care in the comfort of your home. These appointments are much more personalized, more comprehensive and are typically longer than an appointment at a clinic. This high level of service means that appointments are typically more expensive than it would be to go into a regular clinic. 

In order to cover the travel costs and time spent traveling between appointments there is a house/farm call charge based on your location. There is also an hourly professional services charge for Dr. Aja's time. This is not a minimum so if it's only a 30 minute appointment the cost is half of the hourly charge. The hourly service charge covers everything (exam, discussion, acupuncture, Tui-na (massage), chiropractic, aromatherapy, low level laser therapy, etc) except any medications/herbals given or prescribed, vaccines or lab work. Many supplements Dr. Aja uses and recommends are available over the counter so you can get those where ever you prefer. Most prescription drugs are available via our Online Pharmacy or Dr. Aja can give you a written prescription to take anywhere you'd like. 

Price estimates are given when the appointment is made and are updated as needed.  At the end of the visit you will receive an itemized bill and a summary of the visit with any treatments/vaccines given, diagnostic tests pending, and any recommendations.  Payment is expected in full at time of service with cash, checks, credit and debit cards accepted.