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What to Expect During An Appointment

Sea to Sky Holistic Vet offers high quality personalized holistic veterinary care in the comfort of your home. It’s a totally different experience from going into a clinic. The appointment is all about your pet and what we can do to optimize their health and well-being. No scary exam tables; we’ll do the exam and treatment wherever your pet is most comfortable: in their bed, on the couch or on the floor. There’s never any rush during the appointment; Dr. Aja will give you and your pet her undivided attention for the whole appointment. Dr. Aja wants to make sure that you understand what’s going on with your pet and what all the options are so you’re empowered to make the best possible decisions for them about their health and well-being so we’ll spend a lot of the appointment talking about everything. Feel free to ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask! Your pet will get a very thorough and comprehensive exam but since we’re doing it at home where they’re comfortable and it’s all combined with gentle massage and acupressure they’ll think it’s just a spa day.

The Initial Consultation is typically about 1.5-2.5 hours. We'll start by discussing your pet's medical and life history, current diet, exercise and any current medications, herbs, or supplements, as well as any questions or concerns you have about your pet. If your pet has any previous diagnoses we’ll discuss those, all treatment options and their pros and cons so you can feel confident making informed decisions based on your pet’s unique needs. Then Dr. Aja will do a comprehensive exam which includes a conventional Western medicine physical exam (eyes, ears, nose, teeth, gums, lymph nodes, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin and coat, neurologic function) as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine exam (evaluation of pulse, tongue, assessment of personality, trigger points and alarm points), and a chiropractic and rehabilitation exam (analysis of posture, gait and movement, assessment of muscle condition and assessment of all joints in the body). We'll discuss the findings from the comprehensive examination of your pet and based on that and your pet's history and our discussion of all treatment options we'll develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to the unique needs of your pet to optimize their health and wellness. Depending on the personalized treatment plan for your pet we may also do some additional treatments like acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, rehabilitation/conditioning exercises, and chiropractic treatment. We’ll also discuss recommendations and possible changes to current diet, exercise, and any medications, herbs or supplements.

At the end of the appointment you’ll get a written summary of everything we talked about for your animal, any treatments done at the appointment and our unique plan for your animal going forward to optimize their health and well being.

Since every patient is unique the recommendations for how often to do follow up appointments depends on the unique needs of your pet. For most senior patients and any patients with any mobility, back/disk, or joint issues it's typically best to do frequent follow ups (every 1-4 weeks) initially and then less often (every 2-12 weeks) for "maintenance". For some patients in person follow ups are only needed 1-2 times a year after the initial appointment. Follow ups are typically 30-60 minutes just depending on our discussion, the exam findings and if any treatments such as acupuncture, laser, massage, rehab, chiropractic, etc are appropriate for your animal.

Once we've done an initial appointment in person and established a relationship I can offer remote consults by email, text, phone or video chat (Skype/FaceTime) for any questions you have for up to a year after our in person appointment. See the Consults Page for more information on consults.