Sea to Sky Holistic Vet is a house/farm call only holistic practice serving Seattle and immediate suburbs only. Appointments are available 12-8 pm Monday through Thursday. For horses you can use the form below or see our equine website

You can schedule an appointment directly through our online scheduling system by clicking here or the Schedule Appointment button below.

Booking an appointment will automatically send you an email with all of the information about costs, what to expect, how to send any records, etc. Please note that appointments are only available in Seattle and immediate suburbs and depending on your location you may be contacted about changing the date or time requested depending on Dr. Aja’s other appointments that day. If you’re looking for an appointment sooner than the next opening on the online scheduling system you can contact Dr. Aja using the form below to see if there might be any earlier openings or to be contacted in case of a cancellation.

Please note that due to high demand Dr. Aja is not available on an urgent or emergency basis and you should seek care at your primary care vet or any emergency veterinary clinic for urgent or emergency care. Also due to high demand in home euthanasia services are also currently only available for patients under regular care with Sea to Sky Holistic Vet.

Email is the best way to contact Dr. Aja. You can use the form below or contact her directly at You will typically get a reply the same day or early the next business day Monday through Thursday. 

Please complete the form below